SSC Studio Chat: Pain, Energy, and Fatigue

Cory talks about where fatigue can come from, and how it impacts our energy. Key takeaway: fatigue is not normal! You should have energy to do the things you need to do in life. Family, exercise, hobbies, etc. Here Cory talks more about his personal experience with fatigue, and how he has overcome it.


“In your day-to-day life how is that fatigue affecting you? You don’t have any energy. You can’t pick up your kids, can’t do the things that you love to do, exhausted when you get home from work, and got a mountain of stuff piled up in front of you. Dishes, cleaning the house. And then you got to turn around and want to … Well, what’s your hobbies? You don’t have any energy for that. So that’s pain to me. If I didn’t have the energy when I got home at the end of the day that would be detrimental to my life. It would be like, well, I can’t go do anything else. I’m too tired. That’s a problem. Yeah. That’s not normal either.”

“So believe it or not, yeah, being fatigued is not normal. We should have energy. It was funny, my wife always talked about working out. I did service work for a really long time and I would work upwards during the winter around 80 hours a week. And so I put in pretty good amount of time. I was exhausted at the end of the day. After every day I would get home and I wouldn’t want to do anything. I didn’t have energy to clean the house, didn’t have time to do any of my hobbies, just didn’t want to do anything. Just sit down and watch TV because it was less energy.”

“And then she’s like, “Well, you need to work out on top of that, for health. You know, you need to be healthier so you need to work out.” Well, I’m too tired to work out. I just went and worked all day long. I’m not going to come home and now work out on top of that. Easy! Yeah. Nowadays I would, knowing where fatigue and energy come from you start correcting the problem and you have just immediately more energy.”

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