Dr. Elizabeth Johnsen offers state-of-the-art corrective chiropractic care through Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) and offers Chiropractic Wellness care to help you and your family achieve vitality as you age.

Suffering with pain or disease? Want to be more active? We can help!

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MEET DR. ELIZABETH JOHNSEN (formally Dr. Betty Callen)

Dr. Elizabeth Johnsen has helped transform the lives of thousands of patients in the last 12 years, and is loving helping her patients in Bellingham, Washington.
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Want to know more about our approach, Chiropractic BioPhysics, or how we can help your pain or disease?

We've prepared some answers for you.

Life happens

Your understanding of our process is crucial to your success. Here, Dr. Johnsen talks about the biomechanics of your spine, what can cause pain or fatigue, and what all of this means to your nervous system and overall wellness.

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We love our customers! And we love that we are helping them find their path to spinal health and wellness.
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"Thanks to Dr. Betty, I'm a new person! She has helped take away years of chronic neck and back pain.

Under Dr. Betty's guidance and expertise, I went from hardly being able to walk in Mid-September 2017, to being able to jog a 5k in the beginning of November 2017!

Bonus points for the staff; they are friendly, fun, and full of extra tips and tricks to get the most out of the life you want to live."

~Sara W.

"This woman saved my life. I had chronic headaches, backaches, and feminine problems so I started seeing a chiropractor. She educated me on how correcting your posture is critical to helping achieve and maintain optimal health.

Now, not only are my aliments non existent, but I haven't gotten sick at all this school year! I work in a classroom so I am exposed to many different kinds of germs and bacteria. Most of my coworkers came down with horrible colds and had to take up to a week off of work, all except me that is.

I have also gotten to know some of the other patients in her clinic and have heard and seen some amazing stories. One woman had arthritis in her neck visible on her x-rays. After seeing Dr. Betty she was due for a re exam and found out this week that on her new x-rays the arthritis is gone! I was of the understanding that arthritis could not go away, and I asked to see her before and after x-rays, sure enough it was true!

Another woman and her husband had been trying for years to have a baby. The medical doctors told her it wasn't possible. After seeing Dr. Betty for a little over a month she was expecting. Their baby was born a few months ago and is perfectly healthy along with mom!

If you have any desire to become healthier, naturally, this is the woman you want to see."

~Jennifer R.


Welcome to our office!

Take a peak inside (and out) of our office. Dr. Johnsen gives you a tour of the adjustment, exercise, and traction areas, as well as the exam room were we do all of our x-rays in-house.

Navigate the tour by mouse or touch scrolling, and clicking on the navigation or video icons throughout the space.

Just for fun: see how many times you can spot Bentley, our friendly office greeter, sniffer. Look closely...

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